It’s Not Just Any Regular Old Paint!

To help you get started, below are sellers of products specifically for coating roofs. We have worked with these sellers in the past.  We’ve linked to a Cool Roofs Rating Council review of each product. Cool Roofs Rating Council is a non-profit organization that rates the “radiative properties of roof surfacing materials.”
Do some research on which distributor and product seem right for your project!

Nationwide Coating Companies

Allied Building Products 

Products: RX-500 White Elastomeric WB Cool Roof Coating
Product Specifications

RX-700 White WB 100% Acrylic Cool Elastomeric Coating
Product Specifications

RX-900 Premium Thermoplastic SB Cool Thermoplastic Coating
RX-900 product specifications

Cool Roofs Rating Council link for Roof X Tender

Great White Coatings

Product Specifications


Blackjack At Lowe’s

UltraRoof 1,000