There’s no one way to identify a rooftop.

White Roof Project takes a variety of approaches to our work with building owners, co-op boards, tenants and nonprofit operations managers. From supervising a project from start to finish – including purchasing materials and supplying volunteers – to providing simple guidance to a new group of white roofing entrepreneurs, we engage and collaborate in ways that work for residents and communities.

Suggest Your Roof

Come to us! Bring your roof to us by emailing info [@] for guidance on ways to move forward with a white roof for your building. Download our easy-to-read Do-It-Yourself  Guide to get started on your own. Most of our rooftops are identified by their owners and neighbors.



Sign Up for Building Sponsorship

Nonprofits and low-income buildings may be eligible for our building sponsorship program. Sponsored rooftops incur no project costs. They are matched with local donors. All painting is completed by volunteers. For more information email Heather at hjames [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org. (Currently, this program is only available in New York City.)