We work with communities block by block.

Our partnerships with housing associations, nonprofits, and community groups are invaluable to our efforts – as are the private homeowners and advocates that spearhead many of our projects. Check out our featured block projects, nonprofit projects, and do-it-yourself initiatives!

Progress Block by Block

East 4th Street Model Block

In summer 2011, we were proud to sponsor the coating of 20 cooperatively owned rooftops on the Lower East Side. This historic neighborhood’s high energy consumption can be reduced by multiplying the benefits of white roofing via the coating of adjacent rooftops, which share cooling effects. Our project launched the Go Green Lower East Side initiative, a comprehensive effort curb climate change, reduce stress on our city’s power grid and save residents money while introducing community activists to potential sustainable partners in their neighborhood.

Read more about the model block and see a case study on our efforts HERE.

model blocl

East 8th and 9th Streets Model Block Expansion

Working with volunteers from NYCares and Operating Engineers Local 94 we expanded our model block to include additional low-income housing buildings on East 9th Street, East 8th Street and East 4th Street. Model block partners include Fourth Arts Block, Cooper Square MHA, The Manhattan Borough President and all of Go Green Lower East Side, CoolRoofs° NYC. Be Social Change, Operating Engineers Local 94, All Souls Church, Downstate Young Democrats, Manhattan Young Democrats.

Non-Profit Partners

The Urban Heat Island presents real challenges for big city residents - high energy costs, the need for more power plants, pollution and its accompanying health hazards. These problems are daunting, especially for struggling nonprofits. Serving some of New York City’s neediest, The Bowery Mission invest in our communities, but often there isn’t a lot left over for sustainability. Going green is all the rage. Yet, sometimes it seems out of reach for those that could benefit the most from cost-saving, people friendly projects.

WRP believes in environmental change for the social good. Our method of rooftop sustainability is comparatively cheap (costing much less than solar or green roofing) and our projects are sponsored, so that there is no bar to entry. We help busy do-gooders find the door to more sustainable future.

Lott Community Development Corporation

We started the Lott CDC block project in 2013. So far, we’ve coated one building; many more prospects are on the 2014 painting list. Our first Lott CDC project was sponsored by Operating Engineers Local 94.

Local 94 lott CDC

Trinity Lutheran Church

Thank you to the many supporters who helped make our first Queens, NY project possible. This rooftop was sponsored by USPowerGen.

astoria rooftop
Astoria rooftop

Lexington School for the Deaf

Cooper Square Committee

La Mama

Read about our experience coating La Mama on the our blog. La Mama partners include Great White Coatings and Allied Building Products.

La Mama

The Bowery Mission

Our inaugural project is best described by the experience of our volunteers.Hundreds of activists helped coated Bowery, read a testimonial here.


The DeVine Press Building

Superstar volunteers like Brianne Golden are the core of what we do.
Inspired by our work on the Lower East Side, Shoot Digital (a digital imaging, retouching, + photography studio) in collaboration with T&J Construction Corporation coated their 13,000 square foot roof
a glossy shade of white in fall 2011. Thank you do-it-yourselfers!

The Theatre for the New City

IMG Warehouse

We’re proud to assist private businesses that come to us seeking advice on the benefits and process of white roofing. This warehouse boasts a huge 220,000+ square feet of rooftop space. Now that’s a white roof! This particular project hails from Illinois, but we we’ve also helped facilitate DIY projects in states such as Florida, Oregon, and New York. We also provided white roofing advice to volunteers in more than five countries.

Read about our many other DIY projects across the country on our blog!