Our buildings are works in progress.

White Roof Project nonprofit partners learn from their experience with sustainability and lay the groundwork necessary to seek funds for additional ‘green’ projects.

White roof partners have utilized knowledge gained during our partnership to apply for rooftop garden grants, funds for solar panels to work in conjunction with their white roof, and many in-building sustainability initiatives. We are proud to help introduce communities and nonprofits to new potential donors and creative affordable ways to be better neighbors.

SUNY Global

Join us to coat SUNY Global’s roof next year. Stay tuned.

The Bowery Mission

This roof continues to grow and change with a new green roof atop of our white coating. Help the Bowery Mission expand their rooftop garden. Visit their website to get involved.

East 4th Street Model Block

We are working to include every single building on East 3rd and 4th Streets between Bowery and 2nd Avenue and beyond in our model block project. Working with Cooper Square Committee, we have identified new buildings in need of funding. Help us get them done. Donate HERE.

Lexington School for the Deaf

This very large project (almost 100,000 square feet) needs additional volunteers and donors. Email info [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org to get involved.

The Lexington School, founded in 1865, is the largest school for deaf students in New York State.  It educates deaf children from ages 0-21. Lexington students come from all five boroughs of New York City, and a number of students have other disabilities in addition to deafness, including mobility and mental impairments.  Lexington prepares all students to continue on to college, vocational education, job training, or a placement that will support them to live a responsible, productive lives.  The Lexington School and Center for the Deaf provides education and services to about 2,500 deaf and hard-of-hearing people annually.

Lott CDC Buildings

We’re expanding our footprint in Harlem next year. Live in or like this neighborhood? The Lott Community Development Corporation Project could be for you.

The Lott Community Development Corporation was founded on a single mission: to build a better quality of life for New York’s elderly, those who were formerly homeless, and individuals of low to moderate income. The organization accomplishes this mission by building safe, sustainable, beautiful housing, and providing supportive services that help residents lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Pitt Street

Live in downtown Manhattan? We are working there too. Buildings on Pitt Street are on our 2014 agenda.

Our Pitt Street project is a partnership with BRC (Bowery Residents’ Committee), which servers homeless New Yorkers.  Founded in 1971 by lodgers of the Bowery’s old skid row, BRC is a leading provider of housing and services to well over 10,000 of New York City’s neediest individuals.

To get involved with any of these projects email Heather at hjames [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org.