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June 2014

The Hindu: http://www.thehindu.com/features/homes-and-gardens/some-white-truths/article6065143.ece

New York 1: http://queens.ny1.com/content/news/210160/queens-school-reflects-on-white-roof-project-effort/

June 2013

New York 1: http://www.ny1.com/content/183325/project-to-put-special-paint-on-buildings-across-city-to-increase-energy-efficiency/.

Queens Gazette:  http://www.qgazette.com/news/2013-06-12/Features/Vallone_Helps_Astoria_Save_Energy_Prevent_Blackout.html

April 18, 2013

Queens Chronicle: http://www.qchron.com/editions/western/white-is-the-new-green/article_db93ad9a-6b2f-50da-ac52-2feb35fbf650.html

July 20, 2012

The Local East Village: A NY Times Blog: So Cool! La MaMa, Theater for the New City Get White Roofs


July 13, 2012
Times Square Magazine: The White Roof Project Aims to Cool the City’s Heat and the World’s

July 2, 2012
The Daily Clue: Cooling down with white roofs

July 1, 2012
Nomada Journeys: Summer in New York, Chilln’ Under a White Roof.

June 30, 2012

Climate Central: Image of the Day: Greening Roofs With White Paint

June 28, 2012
Environment Action Association: Be Cool with White Roof Project!

June 16, 2012
Eco Vegan Gal: Be Sustainable with White Roof Project and Save on 40% on Energy Bills!

June 15, 2012
SustainableBusiness.com: Painting Out Climate Change With Cool Roofs

June 8, 2012
Savory Stew: Paint the Town…White

June 7, 2012
Holstee Blog: White Roof Project

June 3, 2012

May 31, 2012

     The Energy Collective: How Painting Roofs White Can Help ‘Turn    Off The World For A Year’

May 31, 2012
The 9 Billion: Painting Roofs White Could Cut World CO2 Emissions

May 30, 2012
The Urban Conversation: Painting Out Climate Change, One Roof at a Time.

May 30, 2012

Think Progress: How Painting Roofs White Can Help ‘Turn Off The World For A Year’

May 30, 2012
Green Is My Thing: Cool It: White Rooftops and the Urban Heat Island

May 21, 2012
Take Part: Clip of the Day: Painting Out Climate Change, One Roof at a Time

May 21, 2012
Global Cool Cities Alliance:A Focus on Volunteering: White Roofs Project

May 21, 2012
TakePart: Clip of the Day: Painting Out Climate Change, One Roof at a Time

May 17, 2012
GreenDrinks NYC: SPARK speaker series Tuesday May 22nd JCPE profile

May 17, 2012
The Kids Should See This: White Roof Project

May 17, 2012
dw-h + change: White Roof Project

May 14, 2012
YouTube via PressToPlayIt: White Roofs

December 8, 2011

  CNN: Why we should all paint our roofs white



August 30, 2011
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer: Press Release

August 22, 2011
Crain’s NY: 20 Manhattan roofs go green with coat of white

August 22, 2011
DNA Info: East Village Roofs Painted White To Keep Cool and Save Money

August 22, 2011
The Epoch Times: Volunteers Paint the Town White

August 22, 2011
FAB YouTube: White Roof Project and FABnyc launch Model Block with Scott Stringer

August 18, 20011
Reuters: Can We Crowdsource a Solution to Climate Change?

August 11, 2011
Inhabitat: Help the White Roof Project Paint the Rooftops of An Entire East Village Block

August 4, 2011
Re-Nest: A Cooler Planet, One Roof at a Time

July 25, 2011
The Daily Beast: Painting the Roof White

July 22, 2011

GOOD: This Is Why We’re Hot: Sun-Absorbing Black Roofs Need a Coat of White Paint



July 21, 2011
Reuters: Painting Bill Clinton’s “white roofs” into reality

July 6, 2011
Yes! Magazine: White Roofs Project Helps NYC Beat The Heat

July 5, 2011
Ecopreneurist: White Roof Project: Cools NYC One Roof At A Time

April 12, 2011
Be Social Change: NYC Be Social Changer of the Week, Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza

October 5, 2010
Belgrave Trust: The White Roof Project: Curbing Climate Change in NYC, One Roof at a Time

September 29, 2010
So Fresh & So Green: Paint It White: Curbing Climate Change In The City

September 27, 2010
TreeHugger EarthKeepers: Clinton Global Initiative: Commitments for Positive Change

September 21, 2010

The Huffington Post: Going Green by Going White