Scientific Data

White roofing and urban temperatures:

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Heat Island Group:

Efficacy of Cool Roofs City to City:

Cool Roofs can Offset Carbon Dioxide Emissions:

Global Cool Cities Alliance, Resource Page:

Positive effects of vegetation urban heat island and green roofs

Information from for profit companies

Solar panels and white roofs – a great pair. Multiple studies assert that white roofing improves the effectiveness of solar panels by preventing a rooftop from heating up beyond the optimal temperature at which panels perform.

Explanatory Data

White Roofing and Urban Temperatures:

EPA Heat Island Reduction Program, 2009 Presentation:


Reducing Urban Heat Islands, a compendium of strategies from the EPA:

New York City Specific

Bright is the new black multi-year performance of high albedo roofs in an urban climate
High-albedo white and cool roofing membranes are recognized as a fundamental strategy that dense urban areas can deploy on a large scale, at low cost, to mitigate the urban heat island effect.

Snapshot of the New York City Department of Design and Construction’s Cool and Green Roofing Manual: (This excerpt only includes only the section on white roofing.)

Sustainable South Bronx, Cool Surfaces Combat NYC pollution:–cool-surfaces-can-combat-nyc-pollution-save-energy-improve-health–green-collar-jobs-needed/

The full report is available through the SSBx website:

New York City’s new white roofing legislation and building codes: